• Autor: William J. Bernstein
  • Editor: John Wiley
  • Last data published: 11 November 2009
  • ISBN: 0470505141
  • Format: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 224 pages
  • File Size: 44MB
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Description The Investor's Manifesto de William J. Bernstein:

A timeless approach to investing wisely over an investment lifetime With the current market maelstrom as a background, this timely guide describes just how to plan a lifetime of investing, in good times and bad, discussing stocks and bonds as well as the relationship between risk and return. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, The Investor's Manifesto will help you understand the nuts and bolts of executing a lifetime investment plan, including: how to survive dealing with the investment industry, the practical meaning of market efficiency, how much to save, how to maintain discipline in the face of panics and manias, and what vehicles to use to achieve financial security and freedom. * Written by bestselling author William J. Bernstein, well known for his insights on how individual investors can manage their personal wealth and retirement funds wisely * Examines how the financial landscape has radically altered in the past two years, and what investors should do about it * Contains practical insights that the everyday investor can understand * Focuses on the concept of Pascal's Wager-identifying and avoiding worst-case scenarios, and planning investment decisions on that basis With The Investor's Manifesto as your guide, you'll quickly discover the timeless investment approaches that can put you in a better position to prosper over time. William J. Bernstein, PhD, MD, is a bestselling author known as a grassroots hero to independent investors. Formerly a practicing neurologist, Bernstein approaches the problems of saving and investing as someone who had to figure it out for himself from first principles up. He is the author of The Intelligent Asset Allocator and The Four Pillars of Investing highly regarded, plain-spoken guides on how to build a diversified portfolio without the help of a financial advisor the editor of the asset allocation journal Efficient Frontier, and the founder of the popular Web site efficientfrontier.com. He has also written two volumes of economic history, The Birth of Plenty and A Splendid Exchange, and is a coprincipal in Efficient Frontier Advisors.

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Philip Re: The Investor's Manifesto

Happy that finally downloaded the epub versions. I am very happy.

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I started to read this book and I'm on page 123 of the same.

Tintle Re: The Investor's Manifesto

I started to read this book and I'm on page 123 of the same.

Teeters Re: The Investor's Manifesto

I've waited so long for publication, it is my favorite book

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I can not remember the last time a book was so addicted.

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